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At Comidín we make sure that you are unique instead of one of many. We do not look for quantity, we look for quality.


Outstanding service

We promote your brand the right way.

We invest in research and development to create the most respectful experience for your product.

Focus on your brand. We work hand in hand with your logistics, service and support to bring you more diners.

At your service. We work the same hours as you do. Our Concierges are always a chat or email away.

More diners that consume. Your sales will grow with targeted marketing, creating new users and reconnecting with regulars.

Works like clockwork. We are constantly evolving our platform so it works efficiently in selling your products.

"Once we started working with Comidín we found the clients we wanted and our marketing knowledge has grown exponentially"
Camilo Acevedo


We take culinary moments to a whole new level.

We respect your reputation; every detail of your experience is meticulously taken care of.

Amazing photography. Each of your locations and experiences will always have professional photography.

Great videos. Restaurants with Experiences get a 1-minute promo video of their brand.

Positive articles. We have editors who will taste and review your brand to better inform users of your personality.

Up to date information. We take care of your profile. Never have your data incorrect.

We fulfill the pillars that you demand: good service and a memorable experience.

Comidín is the right platform for you.