Honest and friendly fees

We get your business.
We provide the fees required for it to work.


Restaurant friendly-fees

Earn more without high commissions eating up into your profits.

8% commission per order*

ComCenter will help you have better strategic decisions for your business.

Know every detail: who is new, who repeats, which are our guests who visit you the most.

*Limited time promotion. Regular commission rate is 12%

"Once we started working with Comidín we found the clients we wanted and our marketing knowledge has grown exponentially"
Camilo Acevedo

Free marketing.
From your's truly.

We promote our partners throughout online and offline events.

Through beautiful graphics you know who are the diners that experience your brand.

Know the information you care about a day, month or year ago. Understand your business’ future.

Optimize your time with information that your marketing team will love.

ComCenter is your right hand for taking decisions.

We will help you grow your business.