Comidín is an extension of your marketing department

Let us put our platform to work for you.


Scope and Visibility

Your new marketing department.

We spend and invest a lot so you don't have to.

Be more recognized. Our platform will send the best diners to our partners every month.

Have more reach. We send email, push, and social notifications to our amazing network of guests all year round.

More online and offline exposure. We create unique ads to bring more guests to your profile and location. Offline we have events attended by influencers and special users.

"Once we started working with Comidín we found the clients we wanted and our marketing knowledge has grown exponentially"
Camilo Acevedo

VIP Diners

Have the diners you really want.

Comidín brings diners who know about food, spend more and eat out more often.

Eat more. We bring users who value eating out more often.

Spend more. Our tickets have a higher average.

Go out more. 62% of our users eat out at least once a week.

Experiences and Loyalty

We offer better experiences and a stronger loyalty to your brand.

We protect your reputation with the same fervor in which we protect ours.

Best initial impressions. Most restaurants have higher scores with Comidín than on other platforms.

Surveyed reviews. We analyze each review to be valid and respectful of your brand.

Hospitality becomes loyalty. Get to know your guests to create stronger links with them

Comidín is an extension of your marketing department.

Let us put our platform to work for you.